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I'm a crazy girl who loves B10 and is a cute lil nerd!
feel free to ask me anything!!!
also I'm an Ace girl that takes up a size 13 battery and is a chick with a moderately severe/severe loss so that's a crazy nerd for you.
I'm also currently engaged to Kevin. *who is everyone's favorite funny Osmoisan*

Jul 30

looked at the 312 battery option, fucking really????? 5-7 days outta this bullshit?

no wonder I got 2 weeks out of my damn 13s. Guess I’m fucking lucky since that shit does 240 hours while my current does 186 hours and the Nera verison battery’s life is 240.

well I’m up for the power version since I’m in my 2nd year, will need the motherfucking volume switch since some people are a fucking pain in the ass. (also I need security if I’m going rock climbing and shit)

I’m going with black and possibly green glitters for it. *might add white duct tape to the casing* (Chrono Spanner much?) <3 that sexy thing.

Jul 29
  • (At career day at an elementary school)
  • Girl: I know sign language!
  • Me: You do? How's that?
  • Girl: My teachers said I talk too much, so they put me with all the deaf kids.
  • OMFG this is just 2 awesome!!!

Jul 28

umichfan said: Do you wear hearing aids & if so openly?


mightymagnus said: What if Spanner is a alternate Ben?

LOL ya think? everyone thought It’d be Jimmy.

mightymagnus said: When is Ben 10 returning? :(

September 2014!!! as what kyle-10nnyson mentioned. ;)

hopefully we’ll get to see more of Spanner (that guy has such a great ass)

Anonymous said: Hey there sexy ;)

oh hello! :D

Anonymous said: If you were the embodiment of time, you would last for the span of a hundred generations.

awwww that’s just too sweet. <3

You have permission to flirt with me anonymously. Starting now.

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Anonymous said: how old are you? and by loss, do you mean "hearing loss"?

19 and yep! :)

tell that to my $2 fucking whore of my sister. 

tell that to my $2 fucking whore of my sister. 

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there’s too many fucking stupid people in CT.

leaving your kid in a hot car? that’s not cool.

people shouldn’t have kids and those cunts should be in jail.

Jul 27


after i finally got around to watching the most important episode of ben 10 omniverse of my life i just had to do a panel redraw….. chose the scene that most made me shrivel up inside with elation

this is awesome shit man!

Rad as #1 best duck? I fucking agree with that statement bitches.

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